Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I don't usually do New Year Resolutions.  I'm not sure if it's because I don't think I'll be able to go through with them or what - I just don't do them.

However, this year I've decided to make some changes.  Call them resolutions if you want - whatever.

I'm going to dress better for work.

I have a closet full of suits from professions past that hardly ever see the light of day.  I once worked in the mens department of a local department store that carried a number of upscale brands.  I was able to purchase them at cost a few times a year.  Lately, the only time I wear a suit is when we have an office meeting or when I know I'm meeting with an outside customer.  That means I'm business casual most of the time.  Weekends are reserved for the Barbour jacket and such kit like this:

Photo from a local department store but Ralph Lauren.

I'm going to simplify my life and be more organized.

I see these two as going hand in hand.  Some people would see them as two separate items. I think they go hand in hand.  After all, how can I be organized if I don't simplify things?  This will include getting rid of "stuff" hanging around that we no longer need.  Leo over at Zan Habits has some pretty good advice on become more simple.

And lastly - to procrastinate less.

I'm not sure why I procrastinate.  I'm not lazy.  I do seem to get distracted easily.  I'll be working on one project, come across information for another project and before you know it I'm three tasks down the line from where I started.  I've heard it called Office ADHD.  Some would say that as long as everything gets done it doesn't matter.  Well - I've gotten to the point that it drives me absolutely nuts to be that way.  Thus - I'm going to make an honest effort to change.

So when is all this going to happen.  The organization and simplify part has already started.  During the holidays, as we are pulling out the gaggle of holiday bins, we tend to purge.  Knowing that there will be new things coming into the manse we get rid of the old.  We usually cross the river to the Salvation Army and drop it off in their shed.  I'm always hoping maybe someone else could use it. (I'm also a BIG re-cycler, I HATE to throw out anything knowing it will clog up a land fill for generations to come - so off it goes to SA.)

The dressing better part will happen gradually.  As time moves forward I'll slowly mix in a few suit days with the casual days.  After all I don't want anyone thinking I'm going to job interviews or anything like that.

Procrastination - well, that's something that will also come with time (hmm-prolonged procrastination?).  This Blog is part of it.  I've committed to doing it and I think it will be fun and help with my writing skills.  I don't write well now - but maybe I will and that's always been one of my "bucket list" items,  to write well enough that someone would take notice and read it.

I don't expect these things to be done in the next few days or weeks.  Even the next few months for that matter.  As long as I can reach the end of MMX and say - I look pretty good, we have less of every "thing" and my desk is pretty clean - I'll be happy.

What are your resolutions?


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