Thursday, March 18, 2010

Socks, Shirts, Ties oh my

Socks - I collect socks almost as much as I collect ties, shirts, boxer shorts and shoes.

The issue I have is I'm never really quite sure what to wear with what.  I kind of have a rebel side and would like to wear bright red socks with my blue pin stripe suit - just to throw people off.  Then my little self says "what would the boss say?"  Should I really care - well no, but I do.

So I was getting dressed this morning decided to wear said pin stripe suit (blue with white),a "banker" shirt (blue stripes with white collar and cuffs (french or double)

 (The cuff links are either my fathers or grandfathers.  I have the same pair from each of them.  They are small rectangles on each side.  One side with my fathers initials and the other side with my grandfathers initials.  I think I'll wait to post more on those later.)

and gold tie with small navy spots.

 (The shirt is originally from Bergdorf Goodman - but I got it at the thrift shop for $2.99.)

Then came to the socks.  Do I go with the safe black or navy or do I go a little over the top?  I really try to go with something that goes along with the tie, but today that wasn't possible for it seems the sock elves decided to take away my blue and gold argyle.

So I went with these - they don't match one thing I was wearing, well not that was visible anyway, but what the hell.

They are green, blue and tan argyle.  So what - and the boss didn't say anything.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day

Today everyone is Irish!

Courtesy of - public domain images

Work has been rather crazy as of late - will be back soon.

More later..

Monday, March 8, 2010

St Pat's Parade

I was planning on doing another jacket post.  But the combination of my camera and the lights in my office just really threw that out the window this time.  Once I get it sorted out I'll get back to the inventory.

For now - we tend to have our St. Patrick's Day parade early around here so we can get some of the better pipe bands in from the surrounding area.  So here's a pic blog of the day with some short explanations.

The crowd was pretty big this year. Thousands according to the local print media. 

Saw this guy right away.  Had no idea who he was at first - other than some college kid in green suit and by all appearances is naked under there.  Turns out to be "The Green Man" from a show called "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" . Maybe someone out there can shed some light - I've never heard of it.  He wasn't in the parade - just standing there with friends.

Local Celtic Kazoo band. Over 130 members playing Kazoo in parades during the "holy" season of St. Patrick's Day.

Look real close at the hooves - green and sparkly. 

One of several Irish Dancing groups.

Small group of Mummers.

There were many, many more groups, bands, trucks floats...this shindig started at 1:30pm.  We left at 3:30pm and it wasn't quite over yet.  You always know the end because it's fire truck after fire truck after fire truck...

I love the pipe bands.  I don't know why - there is something about the slightly haunting sound that draws me to them.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Snow and Jacket II

We finally got shoveled out.  School was canceled on Thursday and Friday.  We ended up with 22" in our front yard of blowing, grainy, snow.  We closed the office early on Thursday.  I finally got to the office at 11 on Friday. 

Drive way to the family manse (mom's-not mine).
This picture was Thursday early afternoon.  We had only gotten about 10" at that point.

It's pretty but I'll be glad when it's gone.

Jacket Colletion II

This is one of the jackets I got mostly for fun.  It's an old GAP jacket - wool, green with camel and navy plaid with a small red stripe (comes across more like orange in the bottom photo). Three button on both front and sleeve, no vent.

I wouldn't usually have gone for this, but like I said - it's fun. I think it will look great with jeans on the week end or "casual" days at the office.  I wore it with khakis and a camel color cashmere v-neck sweater and white broad cloth button down.



The pictures don't do much for it - again the office lights.
But take a look at the pockets and sleeves.  If it weren't for the small darts at the waist, the lines would go all the way down across the pockets to the bottom and across from one sleeve to the next.  The cheaper brands today don't pay attention to that today.  It's fairly heavy and thick, good for the cold days.

At the moment it's pressed at the top button.  
I think I'm going to re-press it as a 3/2. 
If I'm ambitious.

More later.