Monday, July 26, 2010

What's a girl to do?

So we've hit the "in between years".  It seems that, in our area, 13 is the magic number when a child is no longer a child.  But she's also not an adult, not even close.  JLPTG isn't comfortable staying home by herself.  I can't blame her really and part of that is my (and Mrs Kits) fault. Since she's our one and only, she was always with us.  Not for any particular reason other than we have always enjoyed the company of our own child.  We never really had a reason to get a "baby sitter" because a family member was always at the ready and more than happy to have her as company for the evening.

We live where the homes are not that close and we have NO other children in our neighborhood.  The closest  child is about 1/4 mile down the hill.  If something was to happen, well lets just say we can make as much noise as we like and no one can hear us. She just doesn't like being alone. And she won't even think of being alone at Gramma's (the "ancestral manse" sits on 50Ac).

So back to 13.  Being 13 means she has aged out of all the "organized" summer long programs.  So whats a kid to do for 10 weeks?

Week 1 - Tennis Camp
Week 2 - More Tennis Camp
Week 3 - Archeology Camp (yes she went on an actual dig - she was thrilled)
Week 4 - Art Camp - Local place that does clay (both thrown and molded), tie-dye, splatter painting and fused glass.
Week 5 - well this was suppose to be our week for vacation but I think I'll leave that for another post
Week 6 - Jr Biologist Camp at the local Zoo - 1/2 day of classroom education and the other 1/2 with zookeepers - I think there will be poop scooping involved here (oh it's good for her).

And the other 4 weeks?  Well - we think Gramma will be back from her month long trek around the east coast of Canada and she'll be at the "ancestral manse" ready for some private time with her only granddaughter.

I'm sure there will be some trips to friends houses to break up the time.

I don't remember being this busy.  I stayed mostly with Gramm (when she lived at the "ancestral manse" and yes - we mostly called her gramm) and when I was older I just stayed home.  But it was a different time and I could jump on my bike and ride the three miles to the local market to buy soda and candy.  Kids can't do that today and that's sad.

Well - this post has nothing to do with anything other than life is busy...for everyone...period!

More later


James said...

Some day ,as you well know ,you will look up and wonder how did it fly by so quickly. Enjoy the busy times, my friend.

Kimmy said...

It is lovely and refreshing to know there are still fathers who are concerned about what transpires with their children during the summer months.
Usually you get a check for the summer and you are off on your own, I had numerous friends who complained about it.
I, on the other hand had a lovely father much like you who wondered what my summer vacay would consist of, besides the ceremonial family trip, often times I was a student in a manners class-it did help greatly!
I hope she enjoys her summer and the admiration her dad has for her.
Cheers DAG.