Thursday, March 18, 2010

Socks, Shirts, Ties oh my

Socks - I collect socks almost as much as I collect ties, shirts, boxer shorts and shoes.

The issue I have is I'm never really quite sure what to wear with what.  I kind of have a rebel side and would like to wear bright red socks with my blue pin stripe suit - just to throw people off.  Then my little self says "what would the boss say?"  Should I really care - well no, but I do.

So I was getting dressed this morning decided to wear said pin stripe suit (blue with white),a "banker" shirt (blue stripes with white collar and cuffs (french or double)

 (The cuff links are either my fathers or grandfathers.  I have the same pair from each of them.  They are small rectangles on each side.  One side with my fathers initials and the other side with my grandfathers initials.  I think I'll wait to post more on those later.)

and gold tie with small navy spots.

 (The shirt is originally from Bergdorf Goodman - but I got it at the thrift shop for $2.99.)

Then came to the socks.  Do I go with the safe black or navy or do I go a little over the top?  I really try to go with something that goes along with the tie, but today that wasn't possible for it seems the sock elves decided to take away my blue and gold argyle.

So I went with these - they don't match one thing I was wearing, well not that was visible anyway, but what the hell.

They are green, blue and tan argyle.  So what - and the boss didn't say anything.

More later -


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Reggie Darling said...

Hello DAG: Thanks for commenting on RD. I've come over to yours and am enjoying reading my way through it. Reggie