Monday, March 1, 2010

Snow and Jacket II

We finally got shoveled out.  School was canceled on Thursday and Friday.  We ended up with 22" in our front yard of blowing, grainy, snow.  We closed the office early on Thursday.  I finally got to the office at 11 on Friday. 

Drive way to the family manse (mom's-not mine).
This picture was Thursday early afternoon.  We had only gotten about 10" at that point.

It's pretty but I'll be glad when it's gone.

Jacket Colletion II

This is one of the jackets I got mostly for fun.  It's an old GAP jacket - wool, green with camel and navy plaid with a small red stripe (comes across more like orange in the bottom photo). Three button on both front and sleeve, no vent.

I wouldn't usually have gone for this, but like I said - it's fun. I think it will look great with jeans on the week end or "casual" days at the office.  I wore it with khakis and a camel color cashmere v-neck sweater and white broad cloth button down.



The pictures don't do much for it - again the office lights.
But take a look at the pockets and sleeves.  If it weren't for the small darts at the waist, the lines would go all the way down across the pockets to the bottom and across from one sleeve to the next.  The cheaper brands today don't pay attention to that today.  It's fairly heavy and thick, good for the cold days.

At the moment it's pressed at the top button.  
I think I'm going to re-press it as a 3/2. 
If I'm ambitious.

More later.



Liberty and In Dependence said...

Nice jacket! It reminds me of Gene Hackman.

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